Replacing every tree

Tree planting in the Yorkshire Dales

A tree for every customer who has a kitchen, piece of furniture,

hardwood window or door made by us

Daleview have joined the Millennium Trust in re-planting trees within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Each designated woodland will grow a variety of trees, with advice from the National Park as to which are the most favourable tree for that woodland. Most of the woodlands are open to the public once a year for you to go and appreciate the great work they are achieving.

We have decided to dedicate a tree for every customer who has a kitchen, piece of furniture, hardwood window or door made by us. This comes with a personalised certificate with your name on from ourselves and the Millennium Trust, thanking you for your support in re-planting our wonderful trees.

For more information about the Millennium Trust and all their fantastic work please see below.

Thank you,
Craig & Karen


The Yorkshire Dales is a special place. Working hard to keep it that way is the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) – a small charity doing big things to support the environmental, social and economic well-being of the Yorkshire Dales.

To date the Trust has helped to deliver over 1,900 inspiring projects worth around £27 million, helping to conserve the wonderful jigsaw of features which make up the Yorkshire Dales landscape. The charity works hard to restore wildflower hay meadows and wetland habitats, to provide countryside management apprenticeships for local young people, to conserve heritage features, and to enable people from disadvantaged urban backgrounds to experience the countryside for the first time.

The Trust is also passionate about restoring woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales to absorb carbon, create rich wildlife habitats and enrich the landscape for people to enjoy. So far, YDMT has planted over 1.2 million new native broadleaf trees, helping to restore hundreds of natural woodlands in the Dales.

Trees and woodlands are a vital part of the landscape, but the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, and the Yorkshire Dales has less woodland than any other National Park in the UK. That’s why YDMT’s ongoing efforts to plant trees across the region is so important.